Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness, Respect
Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness, Respect

Evan Solomon Show: Discussion of Hate Speech

A riveting discussion surrounding hate speech between Evan Solomon and Cody Payant PPC Candidate Carlton Trail - Eagle Creek, exploring the legal ("hate speech") and non legal ("hate" and "speech") definitions, and the necessity for open discourse and freedom of speech in a free, organic society. 

Straight Talk with Cody Payant

Let's get acquainted with Cody Payant PPC candidate from Carlton Trail -- Eagle creek, Saskatchewan 

Maxime Bernier: The Next Prime Minister of Canada?

 Maxime Bernier (Canadian MP) joins Dave to discuss the state of Canadian politics, leading his new party ‘The People’s Party of Canada,’ why he disagrees with Justin Trudeau, his views on immigration in Canada, political correctness, and much more. 

Equalization is unfair.

Talking equalization and eliminating welfare traps in Canada. 

SNC-Lavalin is corrupt and not above the law

The rule of law is a very grand Canadian virtue until, it seems, it proves to be a barrier to Liberal electoral prospects in Quebec. 

Andrew Scheer, Conservative In Name Only

 Stephen Harper explains that Andrew Scheer's centre left, centrist, pragmatic, red tory approach is not conservatism per se. 


Maxime Bernier explains the PPC commitment to principle and conviction instead of pandering.

The Carbon Tax and Climate File

 Cody reflects on scrapping the carbon tax and addressing the climate file.

The Mark Steyn Show with Maxime Bernier

M Bernier was the country's Foreign Minister under Stephen Harper until his rising star somewhat spectacularly self-detonated. But, after biding his time, he returned as a hero of the libertarian right - "the Albertan from Quebec", as he became known. Steyn and Bernier talk about what it means to be a conservative francophone in rural Quebec, the role of a medium-rank power in a turbulent world, and Canadian-US relations.  

Crony Capitalism Is The Problem.

 For decades, hard working Canadian taxpayers in the west, both individuals and small businesses, have been contributing to corporate bailouts in eastern Canada. East or west, no corporation should ever receive tax payer handouts, for two reasons:

If a corporation is profitable, it doesn't need hand outs, and if it isn't profitable, it shouldn't get them because it shouldn't be in business. Whether it was General Motors with the CPC or Bombardier with the Liberals, corporate bailouts have become two sides of the same LibCon coin in Canada.